GNC Hair, Skin, and Nails Formula Review

A few weeks back, I decided to give the GNC Hair, Skin, and Nails dietary supplement a try because I felt that my hair was very thin and weak. It's originally $20, but the store was having a promotion where everything was 40% off so I decided to buy it.

*A little background information on biotin*

I was wary of trying this because I've read that too much biotin (the main vitamin in these types of supplements) may cause acne for some people. Why does biotin cause breakouts? I've done some research on this before and apparently when you take such high doses of a certain vitamin, it can cause imbalances in the body, which in turn creates side effects such as acne.

In addition, you should be drinking a lot of water if you are taking this. Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin, which means it needs water to break down entirely in your body. You should be drinking the daily recommended amount. (I know I certainly don't, but I really should.)

Here are my results:
Week 1: No apparent change in hair, no apparent change in nails, 3 pimples came up
Week 2: Noticed less hair fall than usual, nails feel harder and stronger and grow a lot faster, huge breakout across my forehead

I stopped after week two because I was so unhappy with what it was doing to my skin. I got so many pimples and they weren't the small, colorless kind I usually get. These were the bumpy, red, painful ones! The only thing I liked was that my nails were improving and growing much faster than before. I know that two weeks is not a long time to test out a product like this, but I didn't really want to sacrifice my skin for the sake of my hair –it's like a double edged sword. :/

Based on the results with this product, I would give it 2 out of 5 stars. ★★☆☆☆ 
Part of this can't be blamed on the product itself, because it depends on the individual, like the way my body responds to it and the fact that I should drink a cup or two more of water each day. While this supplement may be very effective for some people, unfortunately for me, it just does not work. 

What were your experiences with biotin? Was it a godsend or your worst nightmare?


  1. i've tried the bioglan beauty supplement. i tried it out because i was suffering from really weak nails and my ance started to worsen. i took it for 2 weeks and my acne significantly went down, but it didnt really do anything for my nails. My hair did feel quite smoother though. i would definitely recommend the bioglan to try.

  2. This product sounds really awful..
    Supplement will be my last option
    if nooothing else works! Massage
    your scalp also stimulate your
    hair c:


  3. I used this product as well and my hair and nails grew quickly but the breakouts was horrible. What I have been told is that when taking these supplements, drinking alot of water is required. I did that and it worked. Now my hair has grown, nails are strong and my face doesn't break out as before. Hope this helps

  4. I've used regular biotin pills with MSM with barely any side effects. Yet with hairfinity and similar products, breakouts EVERYWHERE!

  5. Very helpful posts! I was not aware of the acne side effects from biotin. I was taking Fembody hair skin and nails for almost a year because of flaky acne prone skin and dry brittle hair, results were amazing in 3 months i had even skin, soft glossy hair and harder nails. Then GNC discontinued it �� so i tried the gnc version hesitantly. within three weeks i was breaking out horribly on my forehead and cheeks, red itchy, dry. I stopped everything thinking it was perfumes until i discovered this vitamin could be the trigger. After only a day of stopping it my skin feels calm again. I Never had this problem w Fembody. Stick w what works!

  6. Do you think breakouts will occur with very dry skin. I rarely get pimples and when I do it's either because of a hair or I'm extremely lucky. I'm thinking about purchasing this because of how short my hair is and my stubby little nails.

  7. Donald GriffingMay 2, 2014 at 5:17 AM

    Very useful post. I have taken Hair skin and nail vitamin and had great results with my nails and my hair felt
    thicker too. I highly recommend it.

  8. Very useful post. I have taken hair skin
    and nail supplement and had great results with my nails and my hair felt
    thicker too. I highly recommend it.